Browns Gas - does It Work Effieciently?

Published: 07th September 2009
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HHO gas, a. K. A Browns gas or Oxyhydrogen, is a gas that contains two parts of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

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Latterly, with rising gas costs, there has been a lot of interest in using it in cars as a supplement to gas to reduce fuel costs.
When HHO gas is used like this, it is important not to carry too much of it around. You see, it burns a little too well - in truth, it's explosive! In tiny quantities, there's no threat from HHO gas - in fact , your engine relies on making loads of tiny explosions, and petrol and air is also an explosive mix.
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The best systems produce HHO gas from its raw ingredient immediately before it is burned - storing HHO gas would be like adding a bomb to your car. In this example, the raw ingredients are electricity and water! The electricity, that's produced inside the engine, is energy that would've been wasted otherwise - there's no one hundred pc efficient engine, and there's a lot of waste in even the best vehicle engines. employing a HHO generator, you are getting back some of the wasted energy, and recycling it. This saves money, and makes your gas go further.

While you may think that it would be very costly to convert your vehicle to run off of HHO, in fact it is extremely inexpensive. The HHO gas is burned along with the regular fuel mixture, and the sole modifications you must make are to fit the output of the HHO generator into the car engine's pipeline.

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